What's Social TV Hub?

SocialTVHub is a web application for the capture and moderation of social media messages, specially designed for its use in live productions. Its function is to filter and moderate what the audience is saying in the social media and send to screen texts, images and videos using graphic templates.

Esquema FAQ que es SocialTVHUB

The SocialTVHub web platform allows:

  • Capture real-time messages from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Edit text to remove profanity or hyperlinks.
  • Easily create lists by “drag and drop” and export them to the control system graphics (see section “How SocialTVHub works?”).

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How does the SocialTVHub work?

The operation of the web platform Social Hub is very simple. The structure is based on columns. Each column is independent of the rest and may have different functions:

  • Search Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Custom text message to import texts from email or other sources.
  • Column “List” for creating and exporting lists.

Once the user has chosen the column type, he can start receiving messages by creating searches, either by choosing a keyword (keyword type #hashtag) or a @username that we want to follow, or a combination from both.

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The searches will give results instantly, because in the first instance the most recent messages are displayed. Next, the search will display the messages generated in real time.

The list columns contain messages that are easily selected by “drag and drop”. These messages can be edited to remove unwanted text or links.

Once the list has been drawn up and finished, it is published on the cloud in XML format. To find the location and structure of the generated XML files please refer to the section Documentation.

The messages will be displayed on screen via a client application connected to the graphics server. If you want to use CasparCG, we provide a client software and a convenient set of free templates for social media graphics (downloadable in the platform). If you want to buy the SocialTVHub graphics server (based on CasparCG) please visit the product page or contact us for more information.

How do I access to the SocialTVHub platform?

First you must have a user name and password. To do this go to the section “Enter” and create a user account on the section “Register” . You will receive an email with your username and password.

To access the web platform must have an active subscription. Choose a subscription 7 days, one month or one year and add it to your shopping cart. Fill your billing information and select a payment method. It has a trial period of a week during which we will refund your money if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Important: the subscriptions paid by credit card or PayPal are activated instantly after completing the payment. If you choose bank transfer as a payment method, your subscription will be activated once payment has been received. This process usually take from 2-5 working days.

After successful transaction will receive an email and you have access to the platform from the section “Login” using the option “Platform” or accessing directly to platform.socialtvhub.com.

What is CasparCG?

CasparCG is a free and open source playout server. It supports real-time playback of a mixture of videos, playback both live sources as pre-recorded content  and dynamic templates. Currently supported formats Flash and HTML templates.

CasparCG was designed by Sveriges Television (SVT, Swedish public television) as a solution for broadcast environments.

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CasparCG include:

  • Server: server command line (Windows) that is responsible for processing.
  • Client: Windows / Mac / Linux application to control the server.
  • ActionScript 3 Framework for the development of clients for the server.

For more information visit CasparCG www.casparcg.com and casparcg.com/forum forum.

Where can I buy a CasparCG server?

CasparCG is a free, open source solution that is based on Windows systems. In order to function must follow the recommendations of hardware standarised by his developers Public Television of Sweden through its website and it’s forum.

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If you want to buy a ready to use computer for presentation of Flash and HTML templates with SDI Fill + Key outputs, visit our product page. With the purchase of the server also you will get the SocialTVHub CasparCG Client application and a free pack of templates.

What is the SocialTVHub CasparCG Client application?

SocialTVHub CasparCG Client is a desktop application specifically designed to work with the web platform SocialTVHub and structure of XML lists. Its function is to communicate with the  CasparCG graphics server  to send to screen  social networking messages using Flash and HTML templates.

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The functions of the application SocialTVHub CasparCG Client are:

  • Automatic reception of multiple lists generated through the web platform SocialTVHub.
  • Independent selection of Flash / HTML template associated with each list.
  • Play / Update / Stop individual templates and shaped carousel.
  • Preview prior to the issuance result.

You can download the client application from the download section of the web platform.

Can I use the SocialTVHub platform with a graphics server other than CasparCG?

Yes. The web platform SocialTVHub is a system for receiving messages and create moderated lists. The publication of lists is performed by generating files in XML format. These files can be read by a software (called “client”) which in turn communicates with the graphics server to display messages on screen.

Currently the platform SocialTVHub provides client software for use with CasparCG. However, it’s possible develop client programs to work with almost any graphics systems (like Pray, Vizrt, ChyronHego, VidiGo …). If you need information about how to use the platform SocialTVHub with any graphics system visit the documentation section or send us an email.

From where can I access to the SocialTVHub platform?

You can access platform SocialTVHub from any computer with internet access. The application is compatible with most modern web browsers.